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The Ceramic Glass Coating will give you the result of the top of the line waxes as far as the polish, protection, sleekness, water sheeting and all that, but instead of lasting just a month, it lasts years!

It forms a candy glaze like coating on top of your vehicle's paint. It is a super thin but extremely hard protective shell, that is still slightly flexible on top of your clear coat or on top of the plastic colored panels of your vehicle.

Good for gloss surface, painted plastics and glass. Everywhere you would apply a normal wax, you can apply this. Perfect for Automobiles, Motorcycles and even Boats.

Our Ceramic Glass Coating Works as a Strong Protective Layer Above Your Vehicle's Paint.

A thin layer is enough to form an extremely strong protective shell on your car, makes it easy for you to clean your vehicle without causing scratches. It also creates a gorgeous shine on your vehicle.

One Application will last 3-5 years

Applying this formula is super easy and does not need complicated tools or equipments. Apply the liquid on a dry cloth, wipe over the surface of your car, allow 24 hours of natural drying to get the best results.

100% Colorless, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly.

Our Ceramic Glass Coating is also anti icing, anti snow and rain. Ice and snow just slide right off.


  • Anti Scratch Improved
  • Fine and Flame Retardant
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Antioxidant
  • Insulation property
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-acids and salts
  • Anti Bird Poop
  • Anti mud & dirt
  • Excellent high glass effect-mirror finish
  • Anti Calcium Effect
  • UV – Weather Protection
  • Hydrophobic Water-repelling


  • Wrap the cloth over coating sponge
  • Put coat liquid on the cloth
  • Spread the liquid on the car
  • Use towel to wipe and polish


  • Motorcycle 1/2 Bottle Recommend
  • Cars 1 Bottle
  • SUV's / Trucks 2 Bottles

These are our usual results from testing and confirmed by more than 15,000 clients already. We recommend picking up an extra bottle for re-coating & backup use!




Very fast shipping

Very fast shipping to Belgium! 2 weeks! Comes with instructions (english), applicator, 5 lintfree towels. Not tested but it’s smells like the real deal! If good i buy more


    thanks seller

    thanks seller, orders I have received well. recommended seller!


      I am still very happy with this product

      I have washed my car several times and the water still beads off like it did on the first wash. The shine has not faded. I am still very happy with this product. I think most of the bad reviews are because people made a mistake. Maybe their car was too hot? Maybe the car has a residue? My car was washed, clay-bared, rinsed, dried, left to cool in the garage and then wiped down. I could not be more happy with the results.


        Worked as expected

        Worked as expected. do not follow the instructions that come with it, instead watch the how to video on youtube. 100% performs as the description states, amazing product!


          I'm pretty satisfied in their product so far.

          Product works like a charm. So far I applied one coat across my entire Ford Edge SUV. Wash, Clay bar, Cleaner Wax, Window clean then apply this stuff. Best conditions would be you apply in a dust free garage. I accidentally flopped a towel while it was on on of the windows and now I have dust locked under the coating. Not a huge issue, but at least I know it works. Now its a matter of how long its going to last, but I'm pretty satisfied in their product so far.


            easy to apply

            I've just used it this weekend and I was blown away on how easy it really is to apply.


              world class product

              This is a world class product, probably the most effective coating I have ever applied. It completely restored and improved the appearance of my bimmer. However, I let the product sit like some waxes, not thinking it would be difficult to remove, but turns out after 1 hour it became near impossible to remove without using the rest of my bottle to apply a second coat and wiping near immediately..the end result however was fantastic. World class for a wonderful coat.


                Great product.

                The order arrived safe and sound. The goods tried. I am satisfied of the result on my Kia Rio sedan. It took only half a bottle. The next day rained but all the dirt and mud didn't stick to the car. the seller is very responsive. all questions are answered quickly. I recommend it.


                  I ordered the second time

                  I ordered the second time, I recommend it. the last time I had three cars polished: my father's, my brother's and my own and we are all satisfied. Now I want another one for my wife's car, before winter. You won't regret. Thanks!


                    It's looking good

                    It's looking good! Now i just need to wait and see how it looks after a year or two.


                      Truely amazing

                      Truely amazing, I’m not going to lie, this is literally the best car coating I've ever used. I received it and when I applied it, honestly my car was truly invincible. The team at OakNuggit are amazing truly amazing . My girlfriend is ordering it tomorrow, thank you again I highly recommend this company, absolutely amazing thank you again!


                        Mind blowing shine!!

                        Mind blowing shine!! I'm in love with this product, good solid packing, everything looks good.


                          Worth the money!

                          Worth the money! Added gloss to my Dodge Challenger,easy to apply.dont know how long it will last yet but for the price you really can’t go wrong


                            This product works really well.

                            This product works really well. And is easy to apply. The preparation to apply the product is where it is difficult and time consuming. You're gonna need about 1-3 hours.

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                              Ceramic Car Body Protective Coat

                              Ceramic Car Body Protective Coat

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